Great Op-Ed by Arnold Kriss in the New York Daily News.  If we are ever going to have a chance at achieving sustainable reforms to our criminal justice system, we as a society need minority representation in the position of Commissioner and/or Chief of Police at the helm of the various Law Enforcement Departments that make up the criminal justice system.  However it is not enough that the people at the top mirror the diverse communities that they serve; they must also recognize the implicit and blatant explicit biases that exist. From enforcement strategies that have disenfranchised the poor and communities of color, to the internal disciplinary outcomes that systemically and selectively over-discipline uniform and civilian minority staff members of these law enforcement institutions.  The poor, communities of color and undocumented have paid a heavy price for, as Mr. Kriss stated, “past commissioners’ unconstitutional and disparate treatment of the city’s African-American and Latino communities, eroding trust between NYPD and communities of color over generations”. Unfortunately this is not exclusively a New York City problem; it is a national problem that has negatively impacted America and the brave women and men of Law Enforcement who dedicate their lives to public service.  We as a people and the rank and file members of the Law Enforcement community deserve better.  How long do we have to continue waiting for legitimate and equitable justice?